Our Monthly show performed at The Phoenix Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. Its scheduled for the first Saturday of each month except August. The performances start at 10:30 pm.

It's a stage reading of classic movies with a twist.

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Tickets are available online and at the door on the night of performance. Our online tickets usually go on sale 2 weeks before the show. We do recommend purchasing early as tickets go fast. 

the door price $15

online price $8.50 plus tax

*PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on tickets. Due to recent volume of audience members, if we have not heard from online ticket holders that you will be late, your tickets will be forfeit after 15 minutes after start time. If you have any questions on this please contact us.  


As audience members, you get a chance to help with the chaos. Throughout the show our Narrator, will have a bell and when ever a certain word or phrase is said by an actor on the stage, you may take a drink. Please be responsible, do not do shots...this will only end bad for you. Each phrase or word is tailored to each movie we portray on the stage.



Actor Rules

Like the Audience the Actors are held to a set of rules as well. They are welcome to play with the audience rules. But when an actor says another character's name, that character drinks.